You are expecting! Congratulations!

A new, exciting and very special time is coming. You live in the Netherlands, a country with a different culture and habits that you maybe are used to. We, as a practice, are there to care for you from the beginning of your pregnancy until the baby is born. We endeavour to make it a memorable and very special time. For the first week after the delivery of your baby we will visit you a few times and of course you should ask any questions you may have.

Six weeks after the birth of your baby we invite you to come to the practice for a check up. During this visit we can, if you wish to, insert a coil.

The Pregnancy

After you have registered with us, you will have your first ultrasound scan around 8 weeks into your pregnancy. A very special moment to be introduced to your child. Following on from the scan we will provide you with information about the combination test and the 20 week scan.

Between the 10th and 12th week of your pregnancy there will be an intake conversation and we will make another scan. During this chat we will ask about your, your partners and your families health. Also information will be given about what to do and what not to do during your pregnancy. At this moment we will also decide if it it necessary to have additional checks done. If you are healthy and no risk is expected, we will be with you during your pregnancy, your delivery and the first week after the birth of the baby. If, however, we feel there is a need for specialist care at any point during your pregnancy we will refer you to a gynaecologist.

During your pregnancy we will see you about 10-12 times for check ups. Every time we will take your blood pressure, your weight and how much the baby has grown. If necessary, we make an ultrasound to check the size of your baby.

About 35 weeks into your pregnancy we discuss the delivery, the wishes and expectations you have and at what point you should get in touch with us when you think the delivery has started. During this check up, we will do an ultrasound scan to check if babies head is in a downward position.

The delivery

In the Netherlands you have the choice to deliver your baby at home or in the hospital. If you are in labour we always come to assess you at your home first. If you prefer to go to hospital we go together to hospital and if all goes according to plan we will stay with you till the baby is born. Approximately 4 hours after the birth of your baby you are allowed to go home, where a maternity nurse will be waiting for you.

If the delivery is not going according to expectation, for example: it takes longer than anticipated, there is poo showing in your waters(amniotic fluid) or you wish to have pain relief during labour we will hand the delivery over to a gynaecologist(in hospital). The gynaecologist will look after you till you are ready to go home.

The Maternity Care

The maternity nurse is coming to look after you and baby for the first week after giving birth. She will help taking care of the baby, checks the baby regularly and helps you with breast feeding. We advise all pregnant mothers to register for the care before the 14th week of their pregnancy.

We have a country wide protocol to indicate how many hours of maternity care anyone will receive. This care will be tailored to what mother and child need for the first week after birth. If all goes well during labour you will be provided with about 49 hours of care, depending on your situation, hours can be added or taken away.

For everyone there is by law a certain amount asked to pay towards this care. You can choose yourself which maternity centre you would like, it is possible that your care insurance has a preference who to use, so read your insurance policy carefully!!

There are maternity centres that offer English speaking maternity nurses.


What we offer you

Our practice has 4 permanent midwives, because we are a small team we can provide very personal care. Together with you we will find out what your needs are and will, as much as possible, guide you throughout your pregnancy providing for your needs.
You will get to know all of us during your prenatal check ups so that while in labour you have a familiar person guiding you through it.